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Our mission

The Agency for Electronic Media (AEM) is an independent regulatory body that promotes public interest and media pluralism, justifies public trust through professional and transparent activities, encourages media literacy, creates conditions for the production of quality Croatian audiovisual content and ensures equal conditions for media development and media freedom.

Agency for Electronic Media

The Agency was established in accordance with the provisions of the Electronic Media Act. The bodies of the Agency are the Director of the Agency and the Electronic Media Council, which is the governing body of the Agency. The Agency performs administrative, professional and technical tasks for the Council.

The President of the Electronic Media Council is also the Director of the Agency, and he is appointed by the Croatian Parliament. The Director of the Agency represents, represents and manages the Agency, and is responsible for the work of the internal units of the Agency.

The following internal units have been established to perform tasks within the scope of the Agency: The Office of the Director, the Department for Supervision and Analysis of Media Content, the Finance Department and the Legal Department.

The Agency for Electronic Media actively cooperates with other public and state bodies in its daily activities. Cooperation at the international level is also significant. In addition to membership in all relevant international regulatory networks (ERGA, EPRA, MNRA, CERF), the Council and the Agency actively participate in the work of the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Communication Networks, Content and Technology (DG Connect), in line with the Audiovisual Media Services Directive.

In their work, the Agency and the Council pay particular attention to respect for human dignity, the protection of minors and the prevention of incitement and / or promotion of programs which spread hatred or discrimination based on race, sex, religion or nationality.


Agency for Electronic Media
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